1500mg Pet Tincture


Caring for your furry friend the natural way has never been easier. With Hempfinity Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Pets tincture, you can offer your pet real pain relief and reduce inflammation in the process. CBD is also effective at reducing anxiety in pets and resolving behavioral problems such as submission urination or separation issues.

Our pet tincture is easy to administer and will quickly and improve your pet’s quality of life. Order our Full Spectrum CD Oil pet tincture today and give your best friend all the benefits of our CBD-rich hemp oil.

When you choose Hempfinity CBD pet tincture, you can trust that you’re buying a quality product that’s completely vegan, Full Spectrum, and made from our organically-farmed hemp, among other 100% natural ingredients. Our CBD is CO2 extracted and manufactured on Brown Family Farms in Warren County, NC.

Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil pet tincture is fast-acting and contains either a natural or bacon flavor, both of which pets find delightful. While you can put the tincture directly in your pet’s mouth, your pet will likely enjoy it more with their favorite food. Just squirt the drops into a favorite dish and let them chow down on the hemp extracts. Your tincture will come complete with a graduated dropper for accurate dosing.

Cannabidiol offers a wealth of powerful properties that maintain a healthy lifestyle for your pet.

Relieves anxiety
CBD can help with pet anxiety. It also relieves other related behavioral issues caused by being left alone at home or loud noises.

Anti-inflammatory properties
CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help ease pain caused by hip dysplasia, arthritis, and other common diseases in older pets.

Fur and skin issues
Like some people who take CBD to improve acne or psoriasis, CBD can have similar beneficial effects to your dog or pet’s skin and fur. If your pet has a dry, irritated or itchy skin, our CBD pet tincture soothes their skin while making their coat softer, fuller, and shinier.

We know and understand how important your pet is to you and your family, which is why we want to make sure we offer only the highest-quality CBD. You trust us for your own CBD needs, and you can count on Hempfinity to take care of your pet, too.