Cali Kush 1lb


The nice size buds of the Cali Kush contain a generous trichome content. A “doughy” wedding cake scent is the first to waft out of the jar. Pick up the sticky buds and give them a pinch to release a strong and pungent kush scent. The smell is very similar to actual marijuana; gassy with a slightly sour tinge to the finish. If your a kush fan you will love this beautiful cultivar with purple hues laced through the green of the this Dank Cultivar. The taste is beautiful and very much like the scent of wedding cake start followed by a smooth kush finish. It only impresses!

    • CBD Hemp Flower
    • Kush Nose and Finish
    • Hand Trimmed, Boutique Quality
    • Total Cannabinoids = NICE!!!
    • TOTAL Cannabinoids = 17.63%
    • Delta 9 THC <.3 %
    • June 2021 Harvested
    • Great Coloring