Exciting things are happening at Hempfinity’s family farm! Just last week, Granville County Elementary School students got a little taste of local organic agriculture. As part of Granville Vance Public Health’s Working on Wellness Coalition (WOW) and in collaboration with Working Landscapes’ What’s Growing On Program, students were able to enjoy coleslaw made with organic cabbages grown on our very own Brown Family Farms

Agriculture, Community & Education

Patrick Brown, 4th generation farmer and co-owner of Hempfinity, makes it his personal mission to educate and support outreach and education programs for diversity in agriculture. As it turns out, one of the participating teachers is a former teacher from the elementary school Patrick attended as a child – South Warren Elementary, in Warren County, NC. The teacher provided farm-fresh homemade coleslaw from Brown Family Farms’ cabbages with her students and immersed them in a conversation about organic farming, local agriculture, and healthy eating. Hopefully, together we prompted these children to make healthy choices when it comes to food – maybe we even helped create a future farmer for our community!

Working Landscapes, a nonprofit organization whose mission aligns closely with ours, works to build more sustainable livelihoods in the Warren County, NC region through the conservancy of our local farms and natural resources. What’s Growing On is their farm-to-school education program targeted towards raising awareness of locally-grown foods across northeastern North Carolina. The What’s Growing On program motivates students, their families, and school personnel to get excited about healthy, local eating and active living. The WOW Coalition focuses on generating interventions during childhood as health promoting behaviors are more easily adopted and maintained at a young age.  

Community Sponsored Agriculture

Here at Hempfinity and Brown Family Farms, it is our purpose to provide an alternative, holistic solution to the local community. We naturally process and manufacture industrial hemp plants, natural herbs and organic vegetables. To accomplish our goal, we offer Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) boxes. Through a monthly subscription, these boxes are delivered to community members’ homes with an array of locally grown and organic seasonal fruits and vegetables. Please keep in mind, the day to register for our CSA is January 2, 2021! 

Our hope is that by making organically grown produce more accessible to families in the northeast region of North Carolina, people will want and be able to live a healthier lifestyle. In 2021, we are beginning a farm-raise to help support some of our ideas and community programs we look to offer on our farm. Let’s spread the word and bring sustainable produce back to our community. To stay up to date on what’s happening at Hempfinity and Brown Family Farms, sign up to receive our newsletter!