The Brown Family Farm Est. 1865.

The Brown Family Farm Est. 1865

The Brown Family Farm is located in southeast Warren County, NC in the Hecks Grove Community. The farm was established in 1865 by first generation farmer Byron Brown. Byron was the first generation farmer who grew timber and raised live stock until his death in 1931. His son Grover Brown began farming as a second generation farmer establishing a peach orchard on the land, cultivating grain and raising live stock until the late 1970’s. Grover’s son, Arthur A. Brown, began farming on the estate in 1968 as a third generation farmer. Arthur raised livestock while cultivating vegetables, grain and tobacco until his retirement in 2003.

Arthur’s son Patrick Brown begun farming on the estate. Patrick cultivated grain and industrial hemp as now the fourth generation farmer on the estate. In 2013, Patrick founded The Connect Group LLC. While farming and managing the Brown family farm. In 2018 he began harvesting and producing hemp extracts from the rich sandy loom soil that has been active since the late 1800’s. In 2019 he created his own line of hemp extracted products

which birthed what is now known as Hempfinity.

Patrick has become a beloved figure in his community of Warren County, NC where he consults, educates and supports outreach and education programs for diversity in agriculture. In October 2019, Patrick was featured as the keynote speaker for a panel called “Land of Opportunity in Black Agribusiness” at the annual Black Wall Street conference for entrepreneurs focused on the intersection of content, connections and culture in Durham, NC. In January 2020, Patrick was featured on The Black Equity Network podcast panel “Dear Black Farmers” Episode 266, In September 2020 Patrick and Brown Family Farms was featured in Business View Magazine.

Our mission here at Brown Family Farms is to help provide an alternative, holistic solution to customers, naturally by processing and manufacturing industrial hemp plants, natural herbs and organic vegetables.